We get it: old people run the world (or at least the Grammy nomination process). And Tony Bennett is a legend in the game, the best of the Italian-American pop crooners since Sinatra passed away. His appearance on MTV's Unplugged was an attempt, at some level, to increase, uh, intergenerational understanding, or something. But rather than forcing older artists on your kids, it might have been better to acknowledge that the kids were coming up with some music of their own. The same year Tony Bennett won his Grammy, three hip-hop debuts dropped that went on to drastically change the genre: Illmatic, Ready to Die and Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik announced the arrivals of just a few of the names that would go on to define the genre (and only a year after Doggystyle and Enter the 36 Chambers). It was an epic time in hip-hop history, and as usual, the establishment preached understanding while practicing the opposite.