Date: February 21, 2001

Despite the bone-sober, American car slangin' father he's grown to be, Eminem once held the nation's attention with violent, explicit lyrics rich with, among other negative themes, homophobia. Songs like "Kill You" and "Criminal" painted Shady the ultimate blonde bad boy, and by 2001 interest groups all over the country were promoting the sale of his albums. No group was more vocal than G.L.A.A.D, who arranged a protest outside of the 2001 Grammy Awards where Em was scheduled to perform and up for a rack of awards. When he took the stage to perform his brooding hit "Stan," Em was joined by none other than Elton John, who delivered a stirring rendition of the Dido-sampling chorus. John's support for Em during this contentious point in his career spoke volumes to the possibilities that appear when dialogue takes the place of protest, and created a landmark moment in hip-hop's long, turbulent relationship with the LGBT community.