The third Monday of every year is a time to reflect on and feel inspired by the extraordinary and incomparable acts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Having fought for the liberation and basic human rights of African-Americans, Dr. King is responsible for massive advancements in social, racial, and political spheres. As such, myriad rappers and hip-hop artists pay homage to MLK by giving him shout outs on the regular.

Since Dr. King is one of the most important figures in American's history, one would assume these MLK name drops would at least be a little bit thought out. Unfortunately, some rappers seem to have skipped one too many history lessons and their Martin Luther references come off a tad understudied. Let's learn from their mistakes before we make our own. These are The 10 Most Ignorant Lines About Martin Luther King Jr. in Rap History.

Written by Alysa Lechner (@hialysa)

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