Producer: De La Soul
Album: 3 Feet High and Rising
Label: Tommy Boy

When Puffy says he invented the remix, he's lying. Need proof? Take "Buddy" for instance, an amusing reggae-tinged track from De La Soul's groundbreaking 1989 debut Three Feet High And Rising. It started out as your average freeform Native Tongues lyrical gang bang featuring DeLa, Q-Tip and the JBeez waxing idiosyncratic over a laid-back groove that ends in an uncomfortably orgasmic fashion.

For the remix—set to the bouncy "Heartbeat" break—Prince Paul invited a couple of ladies to the sausage party. Latifah and Monie Love both livened things up tremendously—but the show was stolen by an unidentified Spanglish-speaking mami whose erotic enthusiasm keeps the whole plate extra-caliente. Like the record says, "Native Tongues got vibes galore." And that's no lie. Rob Kenner

Best Verse: Monie Love