“Trap” is a term that many producers have an issue with. In Atlanta, trap has a completely different meaning; its roots are real and embedded in the hip-hop culture. The start of this electronic hybrid really started in 2012 with Flosstradamus’ remix of Major Lazer’s “Original Don," and has spun in dozens of directions since.

We don’t have a problem with this genre, its popularity, or even the name. What we DO have a problem with is the people that have no background or knowledge of the genre that have latched onto the current wave without educating themselves. We're not speaking on the beginnings of trap as it relates to rap; you should look to Daniel Disaster for those answers. But we were listening to songs that had these elements before it got named and popularized, and we’re going to give you a proper history on the 30 trap records that happened before you called it trap.