The sound of EDM isn’t restricted solely to the dark clubs and bright festivals that ravers flock to every weekend. With dance music becoming more mainstream in the United States by the hour, we’re starting to see it seep into different areas of entertainment, be it a commercial for the Microsoft Surface or during America’s favorite pastime, baseball.

Yes, that’s right, Major League Baseball has been bitten by the EDM bug. We’re not sure if your favorite baseball players are rocking out with glowsticks in the off-season, but the phenomenon of the “walk-up song,” aka the song players use as intros while they’re at-bat, has been inundated with a number of EDM tracks – some really fresh choices as well. Ranging from classics from The Prodigy to a heaping helping of Skrillex, ballplayers are a great reflection on the changes that mainstream America is experiencing when it comes to music tastes.

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