Scroll through DAD or any other sites dedicated to dance music and you'll notice one thing right off of the bat: EDM is a fucking sausage party. We're not sure WHY, but the ratio of men to women who produce/DJ/run dance music is wildly dispraportionate. We know women love dance music - women love to go clubbing, and love to dance. Go to any rave or festival and you'll see fuzzy boot-rocking girls with wings and smiles on. Someday, some professor will figure out why there's not as many women as there are men behind the decks and mixing boards.

That's not to say that there AREN'T any women around, though. Some of the most important figures within EDM are women. From the presenters on our favorite radio programs to the writers of the biggest EDM hits to the people putting on the events, there are women that are killing it in the dance music game right now. Here are the ones with the most importance.