Couldn't today have just been about President Obama? Or Michelle Obama's bangs? Of course not. We, as a country, deserve this for letting Chuck Schumer be the Master of Ceremonies. Now we understand why he's been called "the Michael Scott of the Senate."

But it's deeper than one man. We're talking about creepiness of Schumer, and Bill Clinton, and Joe Biden, who were all very weird at today's 57th Inaugural Ceremony.

First, Clinton was at it again.

Kelly Clarkson isn't too far from Bill's type. She was all excited about singing "My Country 'Tis of Thee" and Bill was all excited about watching her.

Then there's Schumer, who admitted to loving Clarkson earlier this week. "I felt very good about myself, because I listened to her and I said, 'I really like her,' and then only later did I learn she had won American Idol," he said live on Huffington Post. "So I was very glad that my tastes were the same as most of America's."

He got jealous that Bill had that view during Clarkson's performance so he took it upon himself to get front and center for Beyoncé's finale performance of "The Star-Spangled Banner."



Once you get rid of that terrible feeling in your stomach, turn your attention to another Beyoncé fan: Vice President Joe Biden. Here's the look of love:


But then it gets a little weird:


Is he crying? What emotion is that? We're assuming most of you saw him stare longingly at Beyoncé when she walked off stage...into Jay-Z's arms. Keep dreaming, Biden.

But the all time worst person at today's inauguration was that asshole who climbed a tree and starting screaming that Obama is a "baby killer" the whole damn time, apparently.

What an idiot.