The art of remixing, refixing and bootlegging has been a serious point of contention and frustration for the producers involved that feel they are being wronged. In the Summer of 2012, Swedish House Mafia went at Hardwell on twitter for a bootleg pack that he shared to celebrate hitting 300,000 Facebook Likes that contained some SHM material. Hardwell mentioned that the pack was old, and was willing to take it down, but the damage had already been done, as Axwell and Ingrosso had already spoke on how "low" Hardwell had been.

We love remixes. We love good remixes. We love interesting takes on original material; it can spice up what we loved about the original in the first place. And while we do feel that a producer's IP is theirs to do what they want with it, treating Hardwell like he's running an illegal bootlegging operation feels a bit much.