Gucci Mane has made sure to keep his issues with other rappers out in the open. Lately, we’ve seen the Atlanta rapper diss Young Jeezy in interviews and on the record “Truth.” Now, Gucci is taking some verbal shots at hip-hop legend Nas.

During some in-studio footage of his protégé Rocko playing new music, Gucci steps in to see what’s going on. Rocko was in the middle of explaining how Nas came up with a core fanbase when Gucci chimed in ... and he didn't have anything good to say.

“Did Nas make 150 blood money first week off a mixtape? Yeah, blood money. Nas fucked up right now. Yeah.” He continued, “You got a Rolls Royce. I just bought me a ... Don’t you got a drop top and your brother got one with the hard top? You got the white one and I am getting the black one? Nas got one?”

Basically, Gucci calls him broke and brings along Rocko for the ride. Will we be seeing a Nas and Gucci feud soon?

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