Crime: Possession of a Concealed Weapon, Assault
Verdict: Pleaded Guilty
Sentence: Two years of probation.

Eminem was running wild in June 2000. First, on June 3, he got into an altercation at a car audio store in Michigan and pulled out an unloaded gun.

The very next day, he allegedly saw his then wife Kim kiss a man named John Guerrera in the parking lot of a cafe. Em proceeded to assault Guerrera and was then arrested. Eminem was later charged with possession of a concealed weapon and assault.

He plead guilty to the charges and was given two years probation. Later, Em would recreate the incident on the skit “The Kiss” from The Eminem Show and rap about it on “Sing For The Moment” saying, “You’re full of shit too Guerrera, that was a fist that hit you!”

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