Label: Aftermath, Interscope
Kendrick Lamar: “Dr. Dre 2001, same thing. He did it all over again. I remember ripping the packaging for that CD, my pops had brung it. I just remember him playing it all day just for months, for months for months for months. For months. Got attached to it. And years later he’s still playing it so that’s how I know it’s an actual classic.”

"Hearing ‘Xxplosive’ for the first time. Hearing the ‘The Car Bomb’ intro, the sound effects on that were crazy. It sounded like a movie. I remember being a kid and thinking it sound like an actual movie.”

"[The best verse] had to be between Eminem and this cat by the name of Six-Deuce [Six-Two]. When he said, ‘She ate her best friend, I left them hoes at the mote' / They be beeping me and shit, but we don't kick it no mo' / Them hot hoes is fiending, they on the nuts / But bitch, I'm out your pussy when I nut, fo' real / XXplosive.’ That was always my favorite verse. It was so simple but it was crazy.”