he Roots drummer/late-night personality ?uestlove of The Roots unveiled one hell of a tribute to Beastie Boys today. In honor of the legendary alt-hip-hop trio’s induction, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame asked ?uestlove to put something together earlier this year.

To honor the birthday (August 5) of recently deceased Beastie Boy Adam “MCA” Yauch, ?uestlove posted his “quickie lunch break demo.” He calls it “a very thorough map: [he] took the characteristics of the 3 Beasts and arranged the songs that [he] felt best fit them (keeping in mind their demand that “Fight For Your Right” have NOTHING to do with their moment in the sun).”

The end result is six-minutes of one hip-hop great’s clear adoration for three others. Listen to the demo mix below.

[via OkayPlayer