One of the most publicised (literally) beefs of the last decade may be beginning to end.

In an interview with Global Grind, former emcee and co-owner of The Source Magazine, Benzino says he regrets his beef with Eminem and is sorry for his personal shot at Em's daughter Hailie.

"When the Eminem situation happened, I was just on top and I didn't have to answer to nobody," Benzino explained. "When you're on top and even with a lot of people in New York, even with labels, you still have to answer to somebody. Me and Dave was it, and at that point, I wanted to prove to everybody like, 'Listen, I'm the one running this here and I can do this without reservation'… It was a mistake for me getting involved in the situation with Eminem."

He would later say he most regrets the personal shots taken at Shady's daughter and would first apologize for such.

"I should have been more responsible. [If I met him today] first I'd want to apologize for the Hailie references."

You can watch the full interview above. Also, below is Complex's recent interview with Benzino.

[via HipHopDX

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