Last month, we posted HAHA-YO's video for their beach anthem "Jimmy Buffett," and now, the group which consists of rapper Boyder and singer Lukey The Bird (their boy Brain Bangley is also a member but is missing in action) returns with visuals for "Do What I Want." In the video, which has a similar summertime vibe as their previous effort, Boyder and Lukey get off work and blow off some steam at a pool party over beers and burgers with some lovely ladies. Boyder has a fun, sing-songy flow on this song too, as he raps, "Kicked out the bar now we back at the house/We ain't got no rules you can stand on my couch/Tryin' to run my hand up the back of her blouse/And I'm a grown man but I might black out." Haha, yo! Watch above, and keep your eyes peeled for a poolside cameo by their homie Asher Roth.

If you like these type of fun, pop/hip-hop songs, you should also check out Aer's new video for "Like The Way," which we posted earlier tonight.