Summer is here, and HAHA-YO has a new anthem for beach-goers to party to called "Jimmy Buffet." HAHA-YO consists of rapper Boyder, whose voice you may recognize from being on mixtape cuts with his homie Asher Roth, and singer Lukey The Bird (Asher's other boy Brain Bangley is also an official member of the group but does not appear on the song). The song's title was inspired by Boyder's preference for showing up to the beach wearing floral shirts, which led his friends to ask him, "Who do you think you are, Jimmy Buffett?" Peep the video above, filmed on the shores of southern New Jersey, for what Boyder describes as "warm weather, feel good, fun summer music." And make sure you stay up to date with HAHA-YO on their Facebook page, because, as Boyder says, "We have content out the booty-hole."

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