The new Nas album is a rare treat in an era of club raps and desktop beats. It's a carefully crafted work that combines lyricism and production into an unstoppable force of sheer musicality. Nas rarely throws a song away, instead stringing every beat into a chain that combines violence, luxury, and soul over 18 tracks while never saying the same thing twice.

Surefire Grammy material, Life Is Good is an unhindered look at Nas' personal life, Queens today, and the divide between wealth and reality. The album is a showing of Nas' fortitude and control over music, and may very well be a future classic.

To break down Nas' new album, we linked with RapGenius to bring you The 10 Best Lines From Nas' Life is Good, selected from the master MC for complexity, impact, and the amount of classic Nas storytelling. Fire up the LP and prepare for some heavy analysis.