MMG's Gunplay has been in the game for years, but he's never seen as much attention as he's getting right now. Instead of playing the background, the 30-year-old rapper is entering the spotlight, and love it or hate it, he's clearly on the rise. In the wake of a couple of his biggest verses and a new deal with Def Jam, Mustafa Abubaker talked to Gunplay to get some insight for Pigeons & Planes.

On Rick Ross' God Forgives, I Don't:

"That shit’s crazy. Super dope. I don’t know if it’s going to top Teflon Don… let me see. I don’t know ’cause Teflon Don was a gem. I’m not going to lie, that shitted on everything around the time it dropped. Everything going on, they just embodied that shit, man. It was a great body of work. But this new one might be the best one yet."

On his swastika tattoo:

"It’s just my symbol of genocide to the bullshit. Mass murdering the bullshit. Too much bullshit out here. I came to Nazi that shit. I came to Hitler that motherfucker. Put all the fake motherfuckers in the gas chamber and gas your fuck ass. That’s what I’m here to do. So niggas better walk light around a nigga. I’ma show niggas. I can talk but I’ma show niggas. All that fake shit, I’ma call that shit out and I’ma stomp that shit out. I got a mission. Just playing the game for the meantime."

On getting a deal with Def Jam:

"Now I feel like the clock’s ticking, know what I’m saying? Got to hurry up and get these records done and make sure I present the best product possible. Once I feel comfortable with it then I’ll let it go. So I’m trying to knock out three records a day and out of those three, I’ll only pick one that I want to put on the album. The rest iss gonna be for the next tapes and shit."