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Nas “You’re Da Man” (2001)

Album: Stillmatic

Label: Ill Will/Columbia

Producer: Large Professor

Large Professor: ““The album Nastradamus was before Stillmatic. And I was in those sessions. I went to those sessions, and that’s when I gave him the beat for ‘You’re Da Man.’ I threw the beat on, and we were in there rhyming with the hand-held, and just rockin’. I had totally forgot about it.

“That was a nice summer around the time of Stillmatic, when we were recording for that. I was coming out of that funk from ‘98 and ‘99, and I was kind of stable again. It was right on the edge of the summer, and Nas was like, ‘Yo, I’m at the studio out on Long Island. Roll through.’ And we were just in there, building. There was a lot going on. You know, Hov was getting at him, his Moms was sick, so we were building a lot, getting a lot of work done. Those times were crazy, too. It was good to get back up with him.

“That song was great, man. I was in my crib one time, laying on the bed chillin’, watching TV. And I heard ‘You’re Da Man’ playing. Someone was playing it from outside, or from a car or some shit. I was like, ‘Yo, that’s dope.’ I rarely got those [moments], so that was nice.

“Nas has an instinct. His antenna is connected on some ill shit, where he’s like, ‘Yeah, this, right there.’ So that was my first taste of him kind of chillin’ on a beat [that I gave him a while back, and then being like], ‘Aiight, now.’ That was dope how he chilled on that, and then brought it back when everything was going on.

“Yeah, my ‘The Man,’ that was my version [for my solo album 1st Class]. He got his version, I got my version. It’s versions, like how the dreads do it.”