If by some chance you haven't seen Kate Upton's "Cat Daddy" video—shot by the most enviable celebrity photographer in the business, Terry Richardson—we'll describe it to you this way: the video was so hot that the techies over at YouTube got flustered and "mistakenly" banned it. In their defense, when we saw it we didn't know what to do with ourselves either. But one thing's for sure—we have contributed our fair share to the millions of views this clip has gotten since it dropped. 

Regardless of whether the video was banned, GIFs of Upton doing the Rej3ctz's signature dance have flooded the web. Thanks to a little bit of Photoshop wizardry, Kate's moves have been immortalized as an unending mini-clip that can now reside on your computer forever without any fear of being taken down by the morality police.

So go ahead and drag our stylized and slow-moed GIF above to your desktop. Hell—while you're at it, take your pick from our ever-increasing collection of Sexy GIFs of Celebrities Dancing. Go shawty!

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