Album: Mind Of Mystikal
Label: Jive/BMG
Producer: Charles "Big Boy" Temple, Leroy "Precise" Edwards

Mystikal: “That was my battle song, since I was a battle rapper at that time. It was a rebuttal to [early Cash Money artists UNLV's diss] 'Drag 'Em From The River,' which was a fucking street anthem. That bitch was jamming and I know because I used to play that motherfucker! I used to jam it all the time and sing my own part too, [Sings] 'Mystikal… you a hoe.' That stuff was jamming that hard!

“I started that [battle]. They were Bounce rappers and I started this feud against them. 'Real rapper against Bounce what the hell y'all want? Vote for me!' That was my campaign. And in one my lines I said, 'Three things I'mma do/One—never gonna change my style /Never gon' Bounce, never gon' bow,' and that was their song 'Do The Eddie Bow.' So they took that as disrespect, as well they should have.”