Saying He Didn’t Listen To A Tribe Called Quest As A Kid

When? October 2007

What happened? After flubbing the lyrics to A Tribe Called Quest’s “Electronic Relaxation” at the fourth annual VH1 Hip Hop Honors tribute in October 2007, Lupe caught plenty of flack and ended up in a scandal dubbed "Fiascogate." So he took to OkayPlayer to explain how he screwed up a track that most rap fans know by heart. Turns out, He had just learned it. "I DID NOT GROW UP ON ATCQ!!!...,” he angrily wrote.

Complex says: Just because Lupe’s categorized as a “conscious rapper,” folks assume he must have studied the standard Native Tongues curriculum and passed with flying colors. Nope. "The little ghetto kid from the mean streets of the West side of Chicago grew up on Spice 1, 8Ball & MJG, N.W.A and Snoop Dogg,” Lupe explained. “I wasn't a backpacker rap enthusiast! I never claimed to be. I grew up on gangsta rap! Have I listened to [Midnight Marauders] in its entirety? ... no!!! ... (sorry ?uest). Get off your high horses and your sacred cows. Some of y’all make me sick…”