Label: Amalgam Digital
Worst Song: "Trapped In Prison"


THIS ALBUM IS NOT ON THIS LIST BECAUSE OF ITS TITLE. In fact, when Lil B first announced his album would be titled I'm Gay, we thought it was a bold statement and a genius marketing plan. The part that disappointed us was actually the “I'm Happy” subtitle, which was the biggest sellout since the time Nas changed his album title.

Initially, we wholeheartedly supported Lil B's music because even if his songs were nonsensical, they were bizarrely entertaining. But on the album, Lil B abandoned his schtick and instead tried to rap about serious social issues. We applaud his effort but his execution was awful because he sucks at rapping (and if we wanted to hear someone rap about social issues and do it well, there's always Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, and a gang of others).

Finally, without ever announcing a release date, Lil B released his album on iTunes on June 29. He then tweeted a free download link to the album. Although both moves garnered considerable buzz, they didn't garner considerable sales. The album only sold a meager 1,700 copies in its first week, an embarrassing total even in this day and age.