Hello Universe!

We've been having a really mild winter this year, but I was craving some good ol doubles, pelau, and ear-splitting 150+ BPM soca riddims, so I made a last-minute trip down to Trinidad for Carnival.

Now I know when most of you hear "Carnival" you think "Rio," but let me tell ya—Trinidad trumps Brazil every time. The girls are way hotter and ethnically diverse (brown ones, white ones, red ones, pink ones) and you can actually participate in the parade!

No watching the chicks from behind a barrier, you can grab your very own costume, join "de mas," and get up close and personal with the gym bodies crowding the streets of Port of Spain. The only rule—leave your worries and stress at home, because its all about dancing, drinking and wining for the month of February.

As Trinidad's own Machel Montano aka Mr. Fete himself puts in one of the biggest carnival songs of 2012: “Doh care if I wine on yuh, ah wah yuh start wining back.” [If you don’t know, “wining” is the Trini word for male and female bodies gyrating in unison—dancing to Soca is like grinding on steroids.]

This year I took a couple L.A. homies down with me, and we grabbed a few pics of last weekend's festivities—from the all-inclusive “fetes” to the wild & messy Jouvert street party, to the bands of Carnival Tuesday, and of course the POS club after parties—exclusively for you guys. (Make sure to click on the magnifying glass for maximum visual stimulation.) If you've never been to Trini Carnival before, these ladies will have you booking tickets with the quickness.

Drink up.

Words and Photos by Jillionaire (@jillionaire) and Dana Shayegan (@danashayegan)

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