16. Jim Jones Apologizes To Ma$e

Date: June 2009
What Happened: In the summer of 2009, Ma$e was making yet another foolish attempt to start rapping again. When Ma$e called up NYC's Power 105 to talk about his remix to Drake's "Best I Ever Had," Jones called the station as well. Intent on taking the high road, Jones told Ma$e live on the air, "I apologize for anything I done when I was younger."

Jones was likely referring to the endless amount of insults he and his Dipset crew threw at their fellow Harlem emcee over the years following a dispute over money. The most memorable insult was surely the time Jones heckled Ma$e on the air at a radio station and sarcastically asked, "Is that you Betha?"

Complex Says: Ma$e may have accepted Jones' apology, but we certainly won't. There's no way we'd let Jones take back "Is that you Betha?" We're keeping that one forever.