Producer: DJ Paul & Juicy J

Album: Chapter 2: World Domination

Label: Relativity

Juicy J: “That song was actually on a mixtape at first, and we decided to redo it, know what I'm saying? Cuz it was so hot in the clubs. Once we got the major deal with Sony, with Relativity Records, they wanted that song to be on there. It was in the contract that that song had to be in the album, because it was going ham in the clubs.

“[Being offered the contract] was a blessing, of course. It was something we was trying to do. We had our own independent label which was buzzing. We had a real good buzz. So we came in the game with money in our pockets. So it was good that we started out independent, because it gave us a little bit of business sense. Instead of just going in and signing some contracts, we already knew what we wanted, how much money we wanted, how we wanted our stuff structured. So we came in with some business sense, which was great.”