Virginia has always been known as the state to breed some of the best producers on the map. And probably two of the world's biggest superproducers—both Timbaland and The Neptunes—are of course Virginia natives. "B.M.F." hitmaker Lex Luger also traces back to V.A. being born and raised in Suffolk, Virginia.

But before Timothy Mosley and Pharrell Williams became the most sought after producers on the globe, they formed a group called Surrounded By Idiots dating back to their time in high school.

According to Tim's A&R Larry Live, S.B.I.'s 1990 recordings are said to be the first time they ever stepped foot into a recording studio. At the time, Timbaland went by the moniker DJ Timmy Tim and Pharrell called himelf Magnum. Three unreleased songs from S.B.I. have surfaced and we can say it is definitely a rare piece of musical history. Hear what was running through the creative minds of V.A.'s finest 20-something years back.

Listen: Surrounded by Idiots (Larry Live, Magnum, Magoo) "Skull Caps & Strip Shirts"