After finishing his seven-month stay in the tank, DMX met up with AllHipHop to reveal his plans for the future. He showed a revived attitude and a desire to get back to making music.

“I’m thirsty to get into the studio, I can’t wait! The dog. Let me go! Let me go! It’s ready,” he affirmed. “The first thing I did when I walked out was thank God. Not everybody makes it. I got the opportunity, man, I’m just taking advantage of it. Be smooth.”

X added that he hopes to collaborate with T.I. and possibly even join him on tour, however, he hasn't put too much thought into the idea.

“That’s never been something I really thought of, because when I touch the stage, I do the damn thing. So it doesn’t matter who I’m on the road with. I’m going to do what I do.”

Watch the video below to see him perform his first post-prison prayer for the XXL cameras.