Produced by: The Infinite Arkatechz

Raekwon: “When I go on tour, a lot of people like to hear that record. It definitely was a hot beat. It was produced by actually a guy that was an intern up in the label at the time. He was a cat that was just running around, I think he worked in the mail room or whatever up in the label. I met him, he was like, ‘I got beats if you need beats!’ I was like, ‘Oh, you got beats nigga? Aight lemme hear your beats.’ He had a couple of things that I liked and I wound up using some of them for Immobilarity.

“And, you know, I just was in my New York chamber right there. ‘Live, live, live from New York.’ I think that night I might've been looking at Richard Pryor's “Live from Sunset Strip.” So he had me cracking up all night, just smokin’ blunts watching that and running back into the booth. So I'm like, instead of ‘Live from Sunset Strip,’ ‘Live from New York.’ And, next thing you know I just start buggin’ out on the hook, and the beat just was bouncin’.

”That's definitely one of my favorites. I was just working to try and get this album right and that was definitely one of the songs that stood out to us. We felt like it was representing our city, and we wound up doing a video to it later on where we were showing you the skyline of the Brooklyn Bridge. We had three 600 Benzes, so I'm just feelin’ myself and representing the city. I had the scarf on some Pierre Cardin shit.”