DJ Khalil: “I'm in a group called The New Royales. It’s me, my production partner Chin Injeti, as well as Liz Rodriguez and Eric Alcott. They're both singer/songwriters from Toronto. I wanted to promote this new thing that I was a part of so I started putting them on hooks for beats. I had them start working on some ideas and they sent me the hook for that. As soon as I heard it, I was like, ‘This is a big record.’ I just added the drums and the bassline. The guitars were already there. I just formatted it and tightened it up. Liz just sounded so incredible on there. She just murdered it.

“I originally made that for Eminem and I pitched it to them. It just never worked out. So the beat just circulated for a while. I tried to send it to Jay-Z, I knew he was working on the The Blueprint 3 at the time. We sent it to a lot of different people and nobody was biting on it. I'd already done some work with Joell Ortiz when he was signed to Aftermath. He eventually got dropped, but we kept in touch.

"His manager Mike Heron got heavily involved with [Slaughterhouse] and he would hit me up for beats. That was in the batch that I sent them and they loved it. So Slaughterhouse was just like, 'We need this record. This could be our first single.' They sent me the song and I was like, ‘Oh, this song is crazy.’ I just thought it was a dope record and it brought attention to the group. It wasn't a pop record, it wasn't an underground record, it was just a good song. I personally thought that the record could have been a lot bigger, maybe if they promoted it more. Now they're signed to Eminem, which is kinda crazy because originally that track was meant for Eminem.”

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