DJ Khalil: “He'd already done that record [when I met him]. The funny thing was, when we made that beat, we knew it was [going to be an] Eminem record. Eminem was the first person we thought of when Kobe laid the hook on that. It was something you would want to hear Em on. We'd been sitting on that beat. It had been in circulation for like three years, even through the Shady camp. That beat was made around the same time the ‘Fear’ beat was made.

"It's just so crazy that he ended up recording it and it ended up coming out on his album. It just came full circle, in terms of that record being on his album and him delivering the song exactly how it was supposed to sound. He was supposed to be airing out his feelings and be talking about everything he was going through on that beat. I feel like that was him airing out everything, which is dope. He told me that he literally had to pull everything out of himself to deliver that record because the music is so thick. There's so much music going on that he's screaming at the top of his lungs. That's just how I produce music, it's just a lot of different layers.”