DJ Premier: “We were working on the Street Hop album, then Royce was like, ‘Yo, I got to go to court tomorrow, so I got to fly back to Detroit, but after I’m done with that, I’ll fly back out to New York, and we’ll do it.’ He flies out there, goes to court, and they’re like, ‘You got another DWI, and you’re going to jail.’ They put him right back in jail. So once he got out of jail, he was like, ‘I got to shake off all the stuff I’m doing. The jail shit, the drinking, fighting with my wife. I'm about to have another baby." He already had two sons, but he was about to have a daughter, and she was going to be born when he’s in jail. Luckily, he comes out right before she’s born. I like how he put the emotions in his rhymes. He does that in another record we did called ‘Ding.’ I love that. We did that the day Proof died. You can just feel the emotion.”