Produced by: Nesby Phibs
Curren$y: “I just like being able to put my people in the right position to win. Any chance I get to kick it with my friends and pick up a check is a good time.”

Trademark Da Skydiver: “I just do what the beat tells me to do. I mean, it came out smooth, like everything else we do. When we’re together as a collective, shit just gels.”

Nesby Phibs: “The production for this came from me diggin’. When I was in Atlanta I found the original sample for it, but I don’t like repeating what it was. When I first made it, I had the sample sittin’ there for months and the weekend we actually recorded ‘Prioritize’ from Pilot Talk, I was sitting down with producer Big Chop—a producer from New Orleans who’s a part of The J.E.T.S.—and I kept playing the sample, but didn’t know what I wanted to do with it. So, he gave me a few recommendations on how to approach it. I played with it and it worked out. It was the weekend I got snowed in [in New York]. I was supposed to be there for a day, but I ended up staying for five. Fast forward a few months later, it was a rainy day and me, Spitta, Roddy, and Trademark were in the basement. I threw the beat on and it just came together. We never really try when we do music, we just do it. So when we click clack, he puts his verse, and it just always makes sense.”