Rhymefest f/ Juice "How We Chill Pt. 2"

Prior to winning a Grammy for penning "Jesus Walks" alongside Kanye West, Rhymefest was a beast in Chicago's underground and battle rap circuit. In 1997 he won the coveted Scribble Jam and released his first ever 12-inch, "How We Chill," a hometown ode: "This is how we chill with the boys/C-H is Chicago, I-L is Illinois." The single also included a sequel (which was probably more popular than the original) on the B-side featuring his longtime rival, Juice. Both "1" and "2" were produced by legendary Chi City production team the Molemen and gave listeners a bird's-eye view into the people, places, and neighborhoods that make Chicago tick. Earlier this year, 'Fest squashed his longstanding beef with Juice and formed the group BLX with Mikkey Halsted and Twone Gabz. He also recently announced his candidacy for 20th Ward Alderman of Chicago, so I guess that's how he's chillin' now.

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