Left To Right (clockwise): Rihanna & Drake, Jamie Foxx, Big Boi, Consequence, Flo Rida

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Today was a big day for music weeks. Rihanna finally makes a song with Drake. It's her new single off the upcoming Loud album which she has already shot a video for. Jamie Foxx links up with Rick Ross over the Bink!-produced track appearing on his upcoming Body LP. Big Boi gives us a monster remix to "Tangerine" featuring Rick Ross, T.I. and Bun B. Consequence has one for all the metereosexuals. And Flo Rida delivers his new single off his forthcoming Only 1 Flo album. Let's get straight into it, people. TGIF! Stream and download after the jump...

SONG: "What's My Name"
ARTIST: Rihanna f/ Drake
• Ri Ri and Drizzy make island music. Loud drops November 23rd.

SONG: "Living Better Now"
ARTIST: Jamie Foxx f/ Rick Ross
• Jamie's new single off the new Body album features Rozay and Bink! on production.

SONG: "Tangerine (Remix)"
ARTIST: Big Boi f/ Rick Ross, T.I. & Bun B
• Big Boi remixes a Sir Luscious Left Foot album cut with help from some close friends.

SONG: "Man Purses"
ARTIST: Consequence
• Cons addresses hetereosexuals over the J. Dilla-produced Moves on Demand 2 cut.

SONG: "Turn Around (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)"
ARTIST: Flo Rida
• Flo Rida gives us more Pop fever with new single.

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