Watch LCD Soundsystem perform "Dance Yrself Clean" live: James Murphy is a punk. Actually, a dance punk, but a punk nonetheless. So that means when he said he'd never perform "Dance Yrself Clean" live, he was probably lulling you into a false sense of disappointment. So, after you dance your bum off, give a nod to that maestro of mischief. You win again, Murphy. [LINK]

Klaxons cover Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance": These days, you can't call yourself an musician if you don't cover Lady Gaga at least once. Well, those English boys in Klaxons decided to get their acts together and cover "Bad Romance" at a recent stop at an Australian radio program. In case you were wondering, the freak pop of Miss Gaga marries beautifully to the spacey rock of Klaxons. It's like a union made in some messed up version of Heaven. [LINK]

Diplo leaks lost M.I.A. song, "4thepeopleontheboat": You know when couples break up and freak out on each other, usually ending in crazy and drastic acts to embarrass one another? You can actually benefit from this one! Diplo, DJ/producer extraordinaire, has leaked a previously-unreleased song from ex-girlfriend/international superstar M.I.A. entitled "4thepeopleontheboat". We're so glad love is a dead institution. [LINK]

Muse rumored to play Lollapalooza 2011: If you keep a calendar nearby, Lollapalooza 2011 isn't for another 11 months. Of course, time has no influence on the Muse rumor mill. Nothing definitive from the band yet, but a recent interview in Kerrang! did mention that the band had been offered a headlining gig. Fellas, we'd love it if you could confirm your involvement. No rush or anything, though. [LINK]

Tame Impala get wild in America this fall: If you've ever experienced a winter in the U.S., you know how cold it can get in certain parts. Possibly unaware, or completely maybe just dedicated to North American fans, Australian psychedelic rockers Tame Impala are hitting the shores of this great continent this November and December. Plus, they'll be in Europe in October and it must be crazy cold in Weissenhäuser Strand, DE that time of year. [LINK]

Wowzer, Dirty Projectors playing Brookdale Lodge: Dirty Projectors put on a great show, but there are ways they can definitely make it better. How about by adding a river?! Yes, when the band head to Brookdale, CA on September 26th to perform at the Historic Brookdale Lodge, they'll make musical magic next to an indoor river complete with rustic decor. "Wowzers" is the only suitable word choice. [LINK]

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