Locked up for: Unknown, but all seven members (Amazing G, Original, Aleem, Almighty L, Knowledge Born Allah, B-Wise, and Rocky D) were doing over 25 years
Complex says: Named after the Lifers Group Inc. (which started the "Scared Straight!" program) and following in the footsteps of R&B band The Escorts (who also recorded an album from prison), Lifers Group was a one-of-a-kind hip-hop act. Their entire album was recorded from the the East Jersey State Prison (then known as the Rahway State Penitentiary, which is where The Escorts were once locked up as well). Every song on the album dealt with the day-to-day life in prison. Rather than glorify the gangsta lifestyle as many rappers do, Lifers' only message to the youth was to go straight and change their criminal ways—less they end up doing 25 to life just like them.
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