Tonight in New York City, Eminem's Red Bull EmSee: The Road to 8 Mile event is going down. The event will pit some of the illest up-and-coming battle rappers against each other, forcing them to come off the dome (ayo!) for industry heavyweight judges like Alchemist and Just Blaze. We even heard that Slim Shady himself might make a surprise appearance. While we're looking forward to catching the MC battles, it's less about hearing an ill extemporaneous punchline than some plain old battle fuckery. Nowadays, due in no small part to the prevalence of cameras and flipcams, there's been an influx of videos of rappers getting knocked out, embarrassed, or just spitting some "WTF?" type lines during battles. That's why we put together this list of Complex's Favorite Ridiculous Battle Rap Moments. So for those of you attending, keep your fingers crossed and your flipcams at the ready. And just to be safe, a list of words that rhyme with "ridiculous" wouldn't hurt either.