In anticipation of the 2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors: The Dirty South, which airs on June 7, Complex and Miss Info have teamed with the network to celebrate this year's honorees with exclusive coverage.

The Hip Hop Honors is known for memorable performances—it's always fun seeing who VH1 recruits each year to cover classic songs by the night's honorees. Who can forget Eminem rocking "Rock The Bells," or T.I. and B.G. trading bars on "Deep Cover"? This year, with their focus turned to the Dirty South, VH1 has created a special "Rally Machine" to get a sense of what artists viewers want to see rep at the Honors.

If you visit the Hip Hop Rally Machine section on the VH1 site, you'll see a selection of artists from around the South to choose from. Click on who you want to see rep each city, and they automatically generate a tweet for you to send out. Everything you post about it on twitter will show up on the Rally Machine, and your suggestions will even pop up on the map so everyone can see where you're coming from. Who knows, the VH1 producers might even see your vision. Oh, and if you see Jay Electronica repping New Orleans on the show, that was our idea.


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