T.I. "What Up, What's Haapnin'" (2008) "That was a couple months after I did 'Umma Do Me.' Him and Rocko were good friends. When he first got out, I was one of the first to visit him at the crib. I had to put my name on a waiting list, then finally got approved. That was probably my fifth or sixth time meeting him, but our first time having a meeting. He came to the door in a robe and some slippers. He toured me through his house, his mom and his kids all there. I'm thinking, 'Damn, I'm walking around with The King,' I stayed on some cool shit, but was really excited to walk through his crib.

"We walk into the studio and he tells me, 'Man, you the king. You blessing everybody. A man who's given many people blessings is King.' I ended up playing like 30 beats, and he picked out like 24. For him to keep that many beats is what gave me such a wide spread on the album, I had four tracks on Paper Trail. He cut like seven or eight songs. It was a blessing. 'What Up, What's Haapnin'' was the jam, but the first song he ever did to my track was 'Ready for Whatever.' You can tell, as soon as he got out, that was the first song he cut. He just had so much to get off his chest. Just like now, right back again, a new story to tell, plenty to get off his chest."