Left To Right (clockwise): Lil' Wayne, DJ Quik, Freeway, Mr. Robotic, Brisco

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You know how it goes. Five o'clock rolls around and we hit you with five new songs. Today we have a hilarious but surprisingly dope mash-up of Lil' Wayne and The Office theme song. We got our hands on hot new tracks from favorites like DJ Quik and Freeway too. Stream and download everything below...

SONG: "Office Musik"
ARTIST: Lil' Wayne
• Mash-ups are a little played, but L.A. DJ Clockwork gives the style some life with this blend of "Hustler Musik" and The Office theme song. Word to Dwight Schrute.

SONG: "Nobody"
ARTIST: DJ Quik f/ Suga Free
• New cut from the West Coast legend, off his upcoming The Book Of David album.

SONG: "African Drums"
ARTIST: Freeway & Jake One
• iTunes bonus from the duo's latest project, The Stimulus Project.

SONG: "Beat Steady Knockin'"
ARTIST: Mr. Robotic
• Chuck Inglish produced this track by the rapper formerly known as Bullet.

SONG: "Wall"
ARTIST: Brisco f/ Lil' Wayne
• The semi-frequent collaborators are back at it again.

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