Left To Right: Usher, Vampire Weekend, Wale, Justin Bieber, Pure Ecstasy

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Lots of notable songs have surfaced in the last day or so. Whether it's artists as vastly different as Usher and Vampire Weekend releasing singles for their anticipated next albums or guys like Wale and Justin Bieber simply dropping more music to keep their buzz going, we have it all covered. Listen and download music from these artists and more after the jump to get your playlists up-to-date...

SONG: "Papers"
• Usher's first singles are usually a big deal, but after being out for a day, this one is getting pretty mixed reviews. In an obvious attempt to recapture the success of Confessions, he's airing out his dirty laundry again, this time about his messy divorce. Whether you like the song or not, it's worth a listen if you haven't checked it out yet.

SONG: "Horchata"
ARTIST: Vampire Weekend
• Almost two years ago, indie rock bloggers and critics turned these guys into stars overnight. Now they're back, with a slightly evolved sound but nothing too left-field. VW's meteoric rise has led to a number of divisive opinions, so for every music snob that tries too hard to find something wrong with this record, there will be plenty more that love everything about it.

SONG: "Bittersweet Life"
ARTIST: Wale f/ Colin Monroe
• Surprisingly, rappers haven't raped this The Verve sample since "Bittersweet Symphony" came out a decade or so ago. Because of that, Wale still sounds fresh over this old DJ Toomp beat. It's still not fucking with the original's classic placement in Cruel Intentions though. No shots.

SONG: "One Less Lonely Girl"
ARTIST: Justin Bieber
• You might not know much about this 15 year-old Canadian singer (although we're sure you've heard his hit "One Time"), but millions of teenage girls do. We don't keep bubblegum pop in constant rotation over here, but we respect the kid's grind. Here's his second single. Email it to your little sister or something.

SONG: "Easy"
ARTIST: Pure Ecstasy
• It seems like reverbed guitars and fuzzy, high-pitched vocals are more or less becoming a formula in modern rock music, but only a select few can do it properly. This band belongs in that small group. Don't miss out.

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