Left To Right: Young Money, Salem, Juelz Santana, Free Energy, Jadakiss

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Some days it's a scramble to find new music leaking from notable artists, but the choices were plentiful today. Lil' Wayne, Drake, and the the rest of the Young Money posse came through with what's sure to be another hit. Psychedelic rockers Salem dropped some heat almost exactly a year after we first started checking for them. Even Chris Brown found his way onto our Shuffle playlist. The crazy thing is, that's not even half of what we have waiting for you after the jump (okay, it kind of is, but you know what we mean). Keep reading to check out today's mix...

SONG: "Bed Rock"
ARTIST: Young Money (Lil' Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Gudda Gudda, Lloyd)
• Turns out "Every Girl" was just a buzz builder and this is the first official Young Money single. Like its predecessor, this one also has major hit potential (corny Flintstones line notwithstanding). The rough version with more YM artists leaked too, but we like this one more.

SONG: "Frost"
• This New York/Michigan/Chicago band first caught our attention with last year's self-titled EP and they're still making great music a year later. Creepy and cold are words that come to mind when describing their sound, but the slightly out of place (in a good way) rap-esque drums bring everything full circle.

SONG: "Back To The Crib"
ARTIST: Juelz Santana f/ Chris Brown
• With the Skull Gang leader's always upcoming album in serious limbo, we're not sure if this will really wind up on Born To Lose Built To Win, but Miss Info insists that it's the plan. Although this isn't our favorite Juelz song ever or anything, It's been four years since the last album. We're just happy to hear something.

SONG: "Something In Common"
ARTIST: Free Energy
• The hype is just starting to build for these new kids from Philly and we bet there's more on the way. Not only are they actually making rock music when every band is making electro/synth, but they've already turned heads with just one 7" single release. Can't wait to see what upcoming EP and LP releases, as well as a Fall tour, do for them.

SONG: "Take Me To NY"
ARTIST: Jadakiss
• Riding the coattails of Hov's soon-to-be smash, "Empire State Of Mind," Kiss offers his own, less radio-friendly, tribute to the Big Apple in this short but sweet record. Gotta respect the hometown pride.

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