Last weekend, Wale caused a bit of a ruckus when he got into a physical confrontation with a fan at the Sneaker Pimps concert in NYC. Something like a "I'm Olubowale Folarin, bitch!" moment, if you will. Video footage finally surfaced yesterday, and we can't say that we were too surprised by the whole ordeal.

Rappers have been smacking up fans for decades now, but the advent of Flipcam and camera-phone technology has guaranteed that each of these precious moments is captured on film micro hard drive. Keep on reading to watch our 10 Most Memorable Fan Beatdowns...

YEAR: 2006
• Watch this fan bust out a move from The Matrix before Curtis pushes him off stage.

YEAR: 2005
• Hoes always jock Gucci and apparently some of them get punched in the grill too...yet everyone still loves him. Chris Brown needs to have a sit-down with this dude.

YEAR: 2006
• This fan (who eventually sued Snoop for $22 million) must have had a little too much gin and juice when he hopped on stage. He should have sued the swarm of goons that put him out of commission.

YEAR: 2009
• Most concert altercations result in some type of interruption, but after Pitbull clocks this fan he keeps rapping like it never happened. Gully.

YEAR: 2009
• We're just going to go with the whole "Joaquin is a rapper now" thing. He certainly acted like one when he jumped into the crowd to confront a heckler at this Miami concert.

YEAR: 2003
• Like true bosses, Killa and Capo never got their hands dirty during this Philly brawl, although they came close. And like a true rider, Freekey Zeekey winds up in the middle of it all.

YEAR: 2007
• More of a singer than rapper, Akon has enough hip-hop cred to belong here. Plus, hurling an unsuspecting teenager off stage is awesome no matter what type of music you make.

YEAR: 2008
• Yeah, the Brooklyn rapper said "hi" to this hater in his own special way. We're just wondering who he's going to smack when those first-week numbers come in.

YEAR: 1991
• The Guns N' Roses frontman might be a rocker, but Lil' Wayne claims to be one too and hip-hoppers still show him love. Besides, Axl was fucking up fans long before your favorite rapper was.

YEAR: 2008
• One minute you're shaking hands with your idol and the next minute he's pushing you off stage. You ain't heard that he swallow guys?