A man in Utah was arrested last week after allegedly shooting his father over the wrong order of chicken wings.

Salt Lake City’s FOX affiliate reports Alika Unga Suliafu, 30, is facing charges of felony attempted murder and felony discharge of a firearm, after he allegedly fired a gun at his father because he brought home the wrong variety of chicken wings.

Bountiful Police say Suliafu’s father returned home with food for Suliafu. He grew upset and began arguing before retrieving a gun and pointing it at his father. Fortunately, Suliafu’s father ducked when his son pulled the trigger, as the bullet hit the hall and traveled into an apartment next door. 

Suliafu and his father then began wrestling over the gun at which point police say Suliafu fired two more shots, both of which missed his father and struck the ceiling.

After successfully extracting the gun from his son’s grasp, Suliafu’s father called 911. By the time Bountiful Police arrived to the scene, Suliafu had fled. Authorities say they observed injuries to the father that align with the description of what happened.

Police arrested Suliafu last Thursday. He is currently being held in jail without bond on suspected charges of felony attempted murder and felony discharge of a firearm.