The world will once again revolve around Minneapolis

Deadline reported on Sunday that the murder trial for the former police officer charged with killing George FloydDerek Chauvin, will be televised on Court TV. It will also be streamed on Peacock’s Law & Crime. 

The officer was filmed kneeling on Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes. This lack of regard for human life sparked outrage across the world that began in Minneapolis. The city erupted into violent protests that led to the burning of Minneapolis’s 3rd Police Precinct. Due to the killing’s global impact, Chauvin’s trial is projected to be one of the most-monitored legal events in recent history.

In anticipation of the trial—which is set to begin on Monday, the city has been barricading and boarding buildings. There have also been protests around the city ahead of the trial and at the governor’s mansion in neighboring St. Paul.

The trial could be delayed following the decision from a state appellate court which ordered a lower court judge to reconsider his decision to drop third-degree murder charges against Chauvin. To prove that Chauvin is guilty of third-degree murder, it must be found that he acted “without regard for human life.” If found guilty, Chauvin could face up to 25 years in prison. 

Currently, Chauvin is being charged with second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. The three other officers at the scene, J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas K. Lane, and Tou Thao, face aiding and abetting murder and manslaughter charges and will begin trial this summer.