When Google first released its Chrome browser in 2008, the drums to Safari’s death march sounded loud and clear. Whether it was a stylistic preference or technical advantage, from the onset, it was immediately obvious that Chrome was the superior browser. It clearly set itself apart from the bland trifecta of Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer (RIP), and has remained on top since.

By 2011, Chrome was on pace to beat Firefox for users, and by 2014, it finally overcame Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. With this shift in user behavior came a culture of cool. Like the iPhone’s blue text messages, it’s almost embarrassing to admit that you use Safari as your go-to browser. Now Google Chrome is so ubiquitous that you can assume anyone not using the browser is either too lazy to download it, or too old to be on the internet anyway.

What really sets Chrome apart from other browsers, however, are the super useful apps you can supplement it with. There are a ton of Chrome apps that will make your life in the digital space much less of a hassle. They can help you block ads, stay focused, edit photos, manage projects, collaborate with teammates, and more. There’s even a Chrome app called Unbaby.me that lets you remove all baby pictures from your Facebook feed. Is it completely necessary? Debatable. Will you still download it? Definitely.

We’ve compiled some of the best Google Chrome apps that you can download right now. Apps like Slack, Trello, and Evernote will take some of the busy work out of your workday. Others will help you organize all the content you want to consume once you’re out of the office (or maybe while you’re still in it), like Pocket and SoundCloud. And some of them will make your everyday digital activities, like tweeting and editing photos, a little easier. Check out our list of the best free Chrome apps, head to the Chrome app store, and hit “download.” Your day will get that much easier, all thanks to Chrome (and us, of course).