We love babies. We're sure you love babies, too. What we don't love is the escalating number of baby photos that now dominate our Facebook news feed. If you feel the same, there's now a nifty Chrome extension called Unbaby.me that will block any mention or photo of a baby from your Facebook feed. 

Unbaby.me works by using targeting certain keyboards, blocking them, and if a photo is attached to the posting, replacing that photo with something you wouldn't mind seeing. It's simple to use, too. After you install it, just pick which keywords you want it to scan—"infant," "years old," "beautiful baby," "newborn," etc—then choose an image-based RSS feed from which it can pull replacement photos and watch the baby photos disappear. 

Or, we can all stop being so cynical and be happy for our friends and family. 

[via FWD]