After 10 years of the iPhone, you’d think that the games would start to feel a little stale. But Apple has always understood the importance of its gamer base and the amount of time the casual user likes to spend on their phone doing anything stimulating. The truth is, the game market has never been better for the iPhone and iPad.

With easier mobile functionality and capabilities, better graphics and faster speeds, the iPhone and iPad have allowed for new, inventive, and inspired games in the App Store that are extremely fun and just as addictive and habit forming as they have ever been. The best part of all of this is that the best of these games are all free.

Apple may have a monopoly on multiple devices, add-ons, and softwares for your phone that cost an excessive amount of money, but free games in the App Store continue to be a stronghold and a saving grace. You also don’t have to shell out a bunch of money to unlock levels, because these games are perfectly fun as they come, even before any bonuses are unlocked.

The iPhone has given us some of the best free games around over the years and here we’ve collected ten of the best games in the App Store that are ready to be downloaded and played by you right this moment. These games range from the biggest addictive time wasters to fun trivia shows to tricky puzzles to new spins on some old classics, like Pac-Man and Super Mario. They come with solo play or options for engaging with other iPhone users all over the world. If you find yourself growing bored or needing something engaging to help pass the day, these are the best free iPhone and iPad games. Trust us, they’re worth your time.