With Apple rolling out the red carpet for a new generation of iPhones this year, it’s time for brand loyalists to think long and hard about cashing in on a fresh new smartphone. Updates to Apple Watch and HomePod features, and even iOS software always promise Apple users an entirely different experience with their mobile devices—but if there’s one constant in the ever-changing world of iPhone customers, it’s the apps they download. No matter how many upgrades or trade-ins you go through over the years, the apps you use every day will always travel with you.

It’s hard to let go of the apps you love—they’ve gotten you through countless workdays, long commutes, and awkward interactions with strangers. Essentials like Google Maps for navigation, Tinder for an eventful Friday night, and Spotify for music streaming are a given (even if the pre-installed Apple Music is giving it a run for its money). And who could forget your social media apps? Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are necessities for keeping up with what Kanye West is saying and who’s been turned into a viral meme.

But have you heard of an app that uses augmented reality to let you redesign your home? Or one that lets you and your hilarious friends finally make that podcast? These iOS apps may not be as well-known as some of the standard icons on everyone’s iPhones, but they’re innovative, useful, and fun additions to your home screen.

We’ve already given you the best apps for discovering new music, and even the best Android apps for people who aren’t so keen on Apple. Now, we’ve compiled some of the best iPhone apps that aren’t your typical favorites. Our list includes apps that help you learn about the world around you, remember things better, and let you flex your creative juices. Hopefully with the extra time saved using these apps, you can focus on picking up a new hobby, or catching up on episodes of Full Size Run. These are the best iPhone apps right now.

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